How Not to Gain Weight During the Holiday Season

In the last two newsletters, we discussed the benefits of an alkaline diet to stay healthy and to maintain your desired weight. I hope you enjoyed the information and found it useful!

In this newsletter, let’s address the challenge that most of us seem to experience during this holiday season. What I am talking about is the delicious, sinful culinary temptations surrounding us everywhere we go. From eggnog, pumpkin pies, to my favorite walnut pies, and let’s not forget holiday cocktails and other delicacies.

Many statistics show, that each year most people gain between 5 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and the New Year! Not an exciting prospect to start the year, don’t you agree?

So, the question is the following: Are we supposed to accept this situation or decide to do something about it? There is no right or wrong answer; the choice is yours, and my role in this story is to give you some helpful tips that you can use without feeling deprived. As you already know, and must have tested many times, your willpower is the enemy of change. You understand that by telling yourself to be good, and not to succumb to temptation, is a useless attempt which will make you feel like a victim! Not fun at all!

Remember, there is no “good” or “bad” food, it’s quantity that matters. Let me explain: Once upon a time, there was a student who asked his Master if eating sugar was a bad thing. The Master replied that sugar is neither good nor bad. Think of sugar being like a knife: if you use it to cut an apple it’s good, but if you use it to cut a throat it might not be the best! It’s how much you eat that will make a difference to your waistline.

Let me give you 3 simple tips that many of my clients and myself have used to maintain our desired weight.

Tip number 1: Prepare yourself ahead of time. Don’t show up to a party starving! I found out that eating a hard boiled egg, or if you are vegan, a few nuts with a glass of water, will cut your voracious appetite so that you can enjoy the irresistible party food in small quantities!

Tip number 2:  Control your cocktail intake. As you already know, alcohol is the enemy of self control, and if you let it, you will create unhealthy habits that are the hardest of all to break. Here is what I propose to avoid falling into this trap and regret it later. After your first drink, whatever it may be (wine, Martini, tequila), choose to drink a glass of club soda with a splash of cranberry with lime and lemon. Your friends won’t feel sorry for you because they will think you’re having a Vodka cranberry drink! Three good things happen when you do this; it satisfies your craving for more alcohol, hydrates your body, and, if you are with friends, they won’t feel sorry for you, seeing you with a bottle of water!

Tip number 3: Be present in your eating experience. Give this a try: Breathe in while you are chewing. This will slow you down, and increase your enjoyment of each one your  bites. You could even choose to close your eyes as you chew, to bring more focus onto the texture and flavor of what you are eating. Notice what happens! You will find yourself being more content and satisfied with your meal, and possibly even bring home leftovers.

I would like to hear how those tips work for you and let me know by sending me an Email: [email protected]

« Tis is the season to be jolly, not the season of food folly »

- Santa Claus

Declare every day:

“I claim my desired weight. Victory is mine”

Stay tuned for the next episode of Victory News, how to set up your New Year’s resolution for a « change ».



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