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Transformative Potential of Wellness Retreats

Are you as passionate about retreats as I am? For many, the idea of choosing a retreat over a conventional vacation might seem like a crazy thing to do, but, hear me out on why this choice can be so impactful.

First, let's delve into the origins of the word "retreat." It's derived from the Latin words "re" (meaning "back") and "trahere" (meaning "withdraw"). Historically, in the 14th Century, it referred to the military tactic of withdrawing from battle. By the 18th Century, the concept had evolved within Christian churches as a means for introspective religious practice. In the present day, retreats come in numerous forms – Yoga, Meditation, Buddhist, Zen, and Silent retreats, to name a few. Regardless of their type, they all share a common focus on tranquility, introspection, and disconnection from the usual bustle of life. Participants often stay on-site, with minimal sightseeing, encouraging a separation from everyday life, including personal and professional routines. It is believed that by doing so, you have the chance to free yourself of distraction, and to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of silence, where the journey often leads to a spiritual connection, to the divine, to the universe.

I will never forget my first retreat! I was 27, living in New York. I was modeling, non stop, overwhelmed by stress and a feeling of emptiness. I wanted to believe I had a purpose to fulfill on this planet, and yet, I did not have the faintest idea what I was supposed to do!

One ordinary evening, after an exhausting day of trying multiple outfits, perched on my stilettos, I received a message: “get a massage Edwige”. Little did I know that this time devoted to my achy muscles would transform my life forever!

A Yoga retreat was the recommendation! Thank God for giving me a divine location, Paradise Island, because the word Yoga did not appeal to me! I could picture myself brainwashed, joining the Rama Krishna, chanting away on the streets of New York City! Not what I had in mind!

The moment I stepped on the soil of Paradise Island I felt my heart beating its love song! One week later, I returned to New York, but never returning to my modeling job, instead I became a Yoga teacher!

Yes, retreats have the power to affect your life, and if you have already experienced one you know exactly what I mean!

Looking ahead, I am excited to host an upcoming retreat in September 2024 in Colombia's Armenian Coffee region. This retreat, tailored for women over 50, aims to foster physical rejuvenation, introspection, and personal growth. It will incorporate a comprehensive array of my stress management practices and techniques shared with hundreds over the years.

For those eager to embark on this journey of rejuvenation and transformation, click on the link below.

« Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, man cannot live without a spiritual life. »

- Buddha

Declare every day:

“ I am willing and ready to step back from the world and rejuvenate my soul.”

Stay tuned for the next episode of Victory News: The transformative power of breathe.



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