In the last newsletter, we addressed the concept of Chi and its connection to the body.

Today I want to share with you simples strategies to generate “vibrant Chi”.

What is vibrant Chi?

A Chi Gong master (Chi Gong practice involves exercises to optimize energy within the body) once suggested we think of Chi as the spark that ignites everything we do. Imagine your body as house; You will agree that just having walls, windows and doors are not enough to make it comfortable. What you must have is an energy system that powers, warms, and lights the space. Now you can experience that this house has become your home! Enjoy it.

We are all born with Chi, but just as a house with flawed electrical system can be uncomfortable, your own Chi supply empties when you do not renew it. As you already know stress destroys your Chi, so to avoid this, be alert and learn how to prevent Chi exhaustion.

How can you produce vibrant Chi?

The first thing to do is to examine your eating patterns.

Do you drink multiple cups of coffee every day in an attempt to re-energize your system? Do you indulge in an excess of junk food and sweets that mess up your blood sugar and leave you feeling totally drained?

I promise that once you become aware of your habits and are willing to make some changes in your lifestyle, you will create and enjoy vibrant Chi.

Let me share with you two easy and fun practices that will activate your vibrant Chi in minutes:

The first one is a Breathing practice. As you already know, breath is life! Breath is oxygen intake for your body. However we forget to practice deep abdominal breathing and we end up with shallow breathing which destroys Chi. So what you can do when feeling stressed is to remember to take 3 to 4 breaths feeling, as you inhale, the cool fresh air tickling your nostrils. Imagine gold light from the sun penetrating each and every cell of your body, and when you exhale feel warm old air coming out and picture it as a grey smokey light taking away all your fatigue and sluggish energy.

Simple, no? Try it and let me know how you feel!!I know you are going to love the second practice!

If you are sitting, just get up and move your body! Jump up and down for a few minutes or dance to your favorite song, while swinging your arms up and down, and don’t forget to wear a smile! This simple practice will make a big difference not just in your body but also in your mind.

If you are curious about Chi Gong exercises check my Youtube channel (, and you will see exercises you like.

My story: After becoming a Yoga Teacher back in the 90’s, which transformed my life, I still felt something was missing. Although I enjoyed the structure of the Yoga postures providing me with discipline and a peaceful mindset, I was missing invigorating movements and boundless energy that I encountered in Chi Gong. I now had acquired the perfect balance and a new practice nobody had heard of! I named it “ La Nouvelle Yoga”! It was a blend of Yoga, Qi Gong practice with the addition of French romantic music to create the perfect ambiance.

I became a hit overnight in New York City! Victory was mine!

« Eat good food, to keep the body in good health, It is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”

- Buddha

Declare every day:

I feel worthy of feeling energized and joyful every day

Stay tuned for the next Victory News: How to eat healthy to maximize energy

If curious to know more about La Nouvelle Yoga and other practices to be the best version of yourself, join me next year for a transformational retreat in Columbia.



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