In the last newsletter I gave you tips to use when you need instant energy. I suggest you use them before you reach out for a cup of coffee, which, in case you don’t know already, is not the the best source of energy!!! I know, it feels good for an hour or so, but you also know what happens afterwards: you feel tired again, and ready for a second or third cup, a vicious cycle that leaves you feeling depleted.

So what is the solution? Never to drink coffee again?

Of course not! I just ask you to be open minded, and contemplate an eating option that will maximize your energy, ward off illnesses, and strengthen your immune system!

I want to offer you an alkaline balance diet and explain what happens when you are too acidic due to the food choices you make. Acidic foods, if eaten in excess will create havoc in the body. There are the animal proteins, the sweets, starches carbs, and fried foods…you get the gist, the foods we tend to enjoy and crave the most.

What is an acidic imbalance?

When your blood is too acidic, the body will pull calcium from the bones to neutralize the acid, which can cause osteoporosis and is the basis for most diseases. Nutritional theorist Dr. Robert Young says, ”if the acid is left unchecked, it will interrupt all cellular activities and functions from the beating of your heart to the neural-firing of your brain. Over-acidification interferes with life itself… all regulatory systems, including breathing, circulation, digestion and hormone production become exhausted”.

Not a pretty sight! To avoid this I recommend that you begin an alkaline diet as a way of life.

What is an Alkaline diet?

To avoid the acidic imbalance, it’s recommended to eat alkalizing foods. These include most fruits, vegetables, and seeds. At the same time reduce your intake of acidic foods such as meat and dairy products like milk and cheese. The optimum ratio which works the best is 75% alkalizing foods to 25% acidifying foods.

The first thing you can do is to drink more water, reduce your intake of wheat and white flour, and minimize your sugar intake! Choose healthy snacks like nuts, avocados, and fruit, especially berries. If you like protein bars, choose the low sugar ones. Reduce your alcohol intake, I know it’s not fun, but your body will love you for it, and you will be so happy to see your waistline back again!

Now, please, don’t think I am perfect! Remember I am French and French people enjoy good food, but we tend to pay attention to serving size so we can stay slim and trim and in the process for the most part, we avoid excesses.

For over 20 years now I have been able to maintain my desired weight by being aware of this alkaline concept. It not only helps me keep my weight down, but it also makes me feel energized and I rarely get sick. The reason I am telling you all that is not to show off, but to show you that you can do it too.

«Our food should be our medicine, and our medicine should be our food»

- Hippocrates

Declare every day:

I am willing to eat the foods that give me vibrant health

Stay tuned for my next Victory news: Eating habits for lasting weight loss



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