Let’s get ready to leave the world of the mind behind and enter the world of the body.

It’s important to take into account that our bodies are an integral part of our overall well-being.

A truth that many of us forget!!!

We tend to think of our bodies in limited terms. Young, old, fit, fat….either we choose to obsess about our body and torture it with insane workouts at the gym, or we ignore it totally, feeding it unhealthy food.

Bottom line: either we love or hate our bodies. My intention today is to give you a new perspective that will help you treat yours with the utmost respect, take care of it, and enjoy having it.

What does it mean to have a body?

Stretch your imagination and view it as a power, a kind of electrical system that brings you to life! I am not referring to your heart, lungs, or circulatory system. I am referring to CHI, (pronounced TSHEE), the fundamental energy of the universe itself.

What does CHI do for the body?

CHI is a Chinese tradition dating back 3000 years. It is composed of 2 aspects: Yin and Yang (the receptive and the expansive). Like a river, CHI flows throughout the body along energetic pathways called Meridians. If you have ever had an acupuncture treatment, you know what I mean!

Acupuncture needles move your CHI and restore the energy of your body and your sense of well-being.

We are all born with CHI, but if we do not practice awareness, stress will rob us of this vital force and, we will end up with “sluggish CHI”, as the Chinese define it. The focus needs to be on acquiring vibrant CHI. Remember the Star Wars movie when Obi Wan said “May the Force be with you”? In order to keep this force alive, we need to develop and maintain a healthy body.

My Story

In my 20’s, I was earning a living as an aerobic instructor in a New York City gym. In those days, I was obsessed with my body. I couldn’t be thin or trim enough! In addition to teaching six classes a day, I worked out between them. I became, at least in my mind, the very model of physical fitness, until one day, I pushed too hard. I found myself flat on my back, unable to move, hardly able to breathe! This horrible experience taught me one of my most valuable lessons: less is more. I needed to learn to listen to my body and to treat it with love and respect.

« Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live.»

- Jim Rohn

Declare every day:

“My body is my friend. I treat it with love and respect”

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